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The college loan thing? THAT is why my 2 kids, 11 months apart in age were groomed from an early age to be independent. They had jobs by 14. Their dad, my hubby, works for Verizon but we STILL made them go to the walmart and buy pay as you go cell phones and minutes until they proved they would pay us monthly for a family plan, they complained wildly, we did NOT back down. At age 16, BEFORE they were even allowed to apply for a driver’s permit, they had to have 3 months worth of CAR INSURANCE saved up, that they paid when they passed their test. First car, t hey picked what they could afford monthly, used of course, and bought summer of senior year of high school, split cost into 18 months, they HAD to pay car off BEFORE leaving for college. College, they took all academic courses, did community service and applied for scholarships everywhere and anywhere, my son got 3, my daughter 2, parents paid for balance, which was less than $3,000/semester Result-2 kids graduate Penn State with minors and majors in their fields, no loans, a car and no living in my basement. Both went on to get graduate degrees in their field, they were able to pay for. My son just bought a house, married and 2 new cars. My daughter is continuing on with her master degree while she is a RN in an emergency room. We have great relationships 🙂 it was hard, be consistent follow the rules, that was our “agreement” when they were in 6th grade. We talked about it early because we knew we could never afford 2 kids in college at the same time and figured out what was needed to get them through college with no pain to all parties.